Sannvenz biography pic

Saan Venz is a Canadian-based internet figure who has a huge fan base. He was raised in Montreal, Quebec. Since the days of his childhood, Saan had his way of visualizing and creating innovative stuff. The start that he got was quite unique. He began creating videos at a very young age when he lived at a foster home and made videos with other foster kids. To make his content public, he initially started posting his videos on Dailymotion, and from there, he embarked on this exciting journey. He got praised and acknowledged for his creative content and gained the spotlight of many digital platforms.

Alongside his video-making skills, Saan Venz is an internet influencer and a movie developer. Later, a new app, “Vine,” was introduced on social media. Saan began posting his videos to Vine and became immensely popular due to his signature short six-second comedy videos. When the vine app was discontinued, he decided to take a break disappeared from social media, and he gave his video, making a temporary halt. During that time, he set off starting a new company entitled¬†Rated Viral.¬†Basically, Rated Viral is a famous social media content publisher throughout Canada, owned and founded by Saan Venz himself. This company is widely known for its exquisite and crisp viral video content creation on almost all trending digital media platforms.

Since its foundation in 2016, Rated Viral has gained more than millions of views and fan following and is a parent company to many small-scale companies. Surprisingly, Rated Viral took only a tiny amount of time to grow parallel and beyond its market competitors. Saan believes that it is never too late to make a revival. He is now making efforts to make a comeback on social media on TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram. He hopes to regain his fan following even more than before and is returning as a significant social media influencer. Now, Saan is rising back on Tiktok and has already gained a massive following of 36K. He has appeared on renowned internet pages with a following of 22k, which has proven to be quite beneficial for his return to the internet world. During his leisure time, Saan Venz does modeling and is a devoted car enthusiast.